Our mission is to democratize the Ridesharing and car rental economy

We are launching a peer-to-peer trustless marketplace for ridesharing and car rental powered by our Seyara protocol on the EOS blockchain.

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The Seyara protocol
is built over the EOS blockchain

Seyara is a modular smart contracts protocol that will disrupt the sharing economy. It is open to developpers to build amazing sharing Dapps


Seyara will shape the autonomous cars economy

Seyara protocol will be embedded into the autonomous cars firmware. This will unlock a huge market potential which allow for the SRA token value to be truly appreciated.

Apps over the seyara protocol apps


Our strategy is to be the first to showcase the Seyara protocol by building three marketplaces. Car rental and ridesharing will be the first two applications built on the Seyara protocol which will help promote SRA token utilization and increase its value.

We believe that the autonomous cars will disrupt the sharing economy and how humans think of transportation. Seyara will invest in research and development and will partner with leading companies to make Seyara protocol the industry standard.

  • Ridesharing
  • Car rental
  • autonomous cars
  • third-party application support

Our Roadmap RoadMap

December 2017

just an idea

January 2018

Start working on the Seyara protocol

March 2018

The launch of the website

June 2018

whitepaper Seyara technology details

September 2018

Start Token Sale: ICO Round (1)

December 2019

Alpha of the ridesharing application

June 2019

Car rental marketplace

Long term

Seyara software for autonomous cars

PARTNERS & other announcement

Meet the Seyara Team Team

Seyara Team is composed of passionate people who believe that the blockchain revolution will democratize technology through decentralization

Dr Guedrez Rabah
Dr Kaced Yazid
Software Engineer
Morgane Salaün
Elisaveta Wrangell
Communications & Business Development

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